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Agtronix™ is a division of Pella Electronics Co., Inc., which was founded in Pella, Iowa in 1987. The first projects were custom designed livestock batching systems for farm and commercial feed systems. Digital scales were introduced in 1988.

Our FS300 Batching system was introduced in 1990. It was intended primarily for controlling operation of batch mixers for livestock feed. This product has been very successful with many installations throughout the Midwest, as well as Mexico and Canada. As the business grew, complementary products such as a Micro-batching controller and loadcell mounts were engineered and added to the product line. The FS320 Batching system currently produced is similar to the FS300, except with updated software.

In 1992 work began on the design of continuous flow proportioning units that would blend feed ingredients together on-the-fly. This product was introduced as the Agtronix™ FEEDPRO™ in August of 1993. The FEEDPRO™ system has been well received for on-farm feed mixing and has grown to be a major product line for Pella Electronics. The original continuous flow metering units were later supplemented with the LX800 micro-system, a liquid fat system, products to download feed records to a PC, and PC software to control the entire feed system.

1993 also saw the introduction of the Agtronix™ Flowscale™. The Flowscale™ is nearly identical to Feedpro™ metering units, except it is used primarily as a stand alone unit. Industries where a product needs to be metered at a specific flowrate find the Flowscale™ to be extremely valuable. For example, hundreds of Flowscale™ units have been sold to breweries world wide to meter and weigh a user-specified amount of malt or wheat as it flows into the mill to be processed at a specific flowrate.

We take pride in being American made. All of our products are made in Central Iowa. From sheet metal forming to welding to circuit board production, it is all made here. That means jobs for Americans. It also means products and parts are readily available to you, the customer. We designed and built everything here, so we can also troubleshoot and fix any issue you may encounter.

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Pella Electronics' array of equipment has been an integral part of our systems for years. In addition to providing a quality product and streamlined solutions for our weighing and batching needs, their friendly service is top-notch, and their lean and efficient operation ensures that our orders are on-time and on-site when we need them. Whether it's a brewery or a distillery or a feed operation, Pella has a product that will suit your needs.

- Rusty Riley, Founder and President of, LLC

Thank you Pella for the peace of mind your product offers all of us here at the Brewery. We trust the integrity of your product, which allows us to do our jobs with efficiency and accuracy. Your customer service has been spot on as well. Thank you!

- Jackie O's Brewery

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