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CF4, CF5


Continuous flow units meter ingredients by weight.  The ingredients are weighed as they move through a patented weighing auger.  Therefore accuracy is maintained even when ingredient density (test weight) changes.

A continuous flow mixing system consists of multiple units working together.  Each unit meters into a common collection auger.  A superb quality of mix is obtained because each ingredient is added to the other ingredients flowing through the collection auger.

These units are the key to the Feedpro™ family of continuous flow units.  They are used daily in hundreds of installations across the U.S. and Canada.


These units are available in two basic sizes: 4" diameter weighing auger (CF4) and 5" diameter (CF5). (See also CF8 heading for 8" diameter units). Approximate flowrate ranges for the two sizes are as follows:


                                                       CF4 FLOWRATES              CF5 FLOWRATES

WHOLE GRAINS                         600 to 7500 lb/hr             1200 to 12000 lb/hr

MEAL TYPE INGREDIENTS       225 to 2700 lb/hr              500 to 7000 lb/hr


Special slow CF4 units can meter meal type ingredients as low as 140 lb/hr, and special fast CF4 units can meter up to 4000 lb/hr.



Small size 9"x47" footprint

Can be auger-fed from tank, or gravity fed from overhead bin

Wide temperature range components (-20 to +110 F)

Low power requirement: 230V, 1 phase, 5 amp max

Polyethylene hopper



Hopper top with hinged access door for auger-fed ingredients

Magnets to remove metal from feed ingredients

Hopper top extension to reduce infeed auger cycling for high flow ingredients

Discharge chute to fit 3½", 4", or 6" cross auger

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