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These operate like the CF4 and CF5 units, but are capable of much larger flowrates:

                                                       CF8 FLOWRATES

WHOLE GRAINS                         8000 to 48000 lb/hr

MEAL TYPE INGREDIENTS       4000 to 32000 lb/hr


Small size 13"x82" footprint

Can be auger-fed from tank, or gravity fed from overhead bin

Wide temperature range components (-20 to +110 F)

Low power requirement: 230V, 1 phase, 5 amp max

Stainless steel hopper



Hopper top with hinged access door for auger-fed ingredients.

Magnets to remove metal from feed ingredients

Hopper top extension to reduce infeed auger cycling for high flow ingredients

8" square outlet is standard. Transition to 6" round angle ring also available.

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