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Continuous flow metering and mixing is our specialty. This Feedpro™ product line consists of various sizes and types of metering units. Continuous flow units meter ingredients by weight. The ingredients are weighed as they move through a patented weighed auger. A continuous flow mixing system consists of multiple units working together. Each unit meters into a common collection auger. A superb quality of mix is obtained because each ingredient is added to the other ingredients flowing through the collection auger. These units are the key to the Feedpro™ family of continuous flow units. They are used daily in hundreds of installations across the U.S. and Canada. We estimate that approx. 1,000,000 tons of products are mixed annually by these units.



The FeedPro™ metering and mixing system is made up of components. It can be as simple as a stand-alone metering unit, or made up of multiple metering units along with mills, blenders, augers, and other components necessary for your operation. All these components are controlled by one central computer to supply the raw materials, process them, and deliver a quality blended product.

For metering high-volume materials, Continuous Flow (CF) metering units are selected. These units use a patented weigh auger coupled with an advanced computerized controller that constantly monitors the material weight and auger speed.

When metering low-volume materials, Loss-In-Weight (LIW) metering units are used. These units have a hopper filled with material, and as the material is used, the computer monitors and controls the rate of weight loss for the hopper.


  • Polymers of all kinds

  • Granular and powdered chemicals

  • Fertilizers, potting mixtures, and greenhouse supplies

  • Animal feeds for livestock, domestic pets, birds, and zoos

  • Materials for manufacturing processes

  • Any other dry material that must be metered and/or mixed.



  • Designed as a component system. The total system is built according to the needs of your particular materials and processes. System capacities range from 2 to 60 tons per hour.

  • Lower capital investment than an equal capacity batch system.

  • Smaller space requirement than a batch system.

  • Automatically weighs and mixes ingredients. Up to 100 different blends of materials can be defined and selected using the FeedPro™ FPC900 control panel.

  • Mixes materials using continuous flow blending to provide precise mixing with minimum labor.

  • Can use gravity-fed ingredients from overhead tanks.

  • Ingredients can be processed (ground, etc.) while other ingredients are added. Each ingredient is handled only once.

  • Smaller handling equipment since each ingredient runs continuously.

  • Flow rate can be adjusted to rate needed by downstream handling equipment

  • Easily expanded to add more ingredients or to increase production rate.

  • Easy conversion of volumetric metering systems to weight based metering.


  • CONTINUOUS FLOW:  The Feedpro™ system uses continuous flow metering and mixing to produce accurate blend of materials. Accuracy is maintained even when material density changes.

  • NO NEED TO PRE-PROCESS: The FeedPro™ system is a component system and can be integrated with other processing equipment for a complete turn-key system.

  • VARIABLE FLOW RATES: Flow rates are matched to other processing equipment without surge bins or holding areas.

  • SIMPLE AND FLEXIBLE INSTALLATION: The metering units can be grouped together, or placed individually throughout the material processing stream.

  • SMALL SPACE REQUIREMENT: Three FeedPro™ units bolted together only require 30"x48" of floor space.

  • FLEXIBLE MATERIAL HANDLING: Materials can be either auger or gravity fed into the Continuous Flow (CF) metering units.

  • MANY SIZES AVAILABLE: Various sizes of the Continuous Flow (CF) metering units are available with flow rates from 150 to 48,000 pounds per hour.

Continuous flow units meter ingredients by weight. The ingredients are weighed as they move through a patented weighing auger.

The Data Transfer Module simplifies the task of transferring records to a personal computer.

The LO902 Liquid Fat Pump controls the delivery of liquid fat into the blended feed, according to the programmed ration.

The FPC 900 Control Panel monitors and controls operation of the FeedPro™ metering units.

The LX800 simplifies the weighing and mixing of up to 30 auto-load micro and specialty ingredients.

The CF8 continuous flow units operate like the CF4 and CF5 units, but are capable of much larger flowrates.

The Data Transfer Software simplifies the task of transferring records from the FS320 Batching system to a PC.

This software allows a PC to control the metering operations of a FeedPro™ mixing system.

Monitors how fast the hopper is losing weight, and changes the metering auger speed to match the target flow rate.

Custom built for each application, it arrives at the job site pre-wired and ready to connect to the FPC900 controller and motors.

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