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The Flowscale™ does exactly what the name says-material is weighed as it flows. The Flowscale™ was first introduced to fill a need of brewers looking for a unique method to weigh malt as they begin the brewing process. The Flowscale™ fills that need as it provides three important malt handling functions:

  1. It weighs the malt as it moves from the bulk storage tank to the mill.

  2. It controls the rate at which the malt is being delivered into the mill.

  3. It sequences the starting and stopping of the other malt handling equipment with programmable start/stop delays.

Flowscale™ is simple to install and requires minimal floor space-only 12" x 47" for the basic unit and 13" x 82" for the high capacity unit. They are often installed directly above a mill so they can meter right into the mill inlet.

Continuous flow units meter ingredients by weight. The ingredients are weighed as they move through a patented weighing auger.

Custom built for each application, it arrives at the job site pre-wired and ready to connect to the FPC900 controller and motors.

The CF6 and CF8 continuous flow units operate like the CF4 and CF5 units, but are capable of much larger flowrates.

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