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The Loss-In-Weight unit meters ingredients by weight. The computer monitors how fast the hopper is losing weight, and changes the metering auger speed to match the target flow rate.


Three flowrate sizes (flowrates based on 50 lb/ft³ product):

  • 55-1000 lb/hr

  • 70-1300 lb/hr

  • 85-1600 lb/hr

Small size 9"x47" footprint

1.2 ft³ poly hopper

Wide temperature range components (-20 to +110 F)

Low power requirement: 230V, 1 phase, 5 amp max

Hand load or auger fed



The hopper is first loaded with the specified weight of ingredient.  Then this unit as well as the other metering units start metering.  The rotational speed of the metering auger in the bottom of the hopper is automatically adjusted to make the hopper lose weight at the correct rate.  If the actual rate of weight loss is too high, the auger is slowed down by the internal computer.

These loss-in-weight units are normally used for low flowrate ingredients. while continuous flow metering units (CF4, CF5, and CF8) are used for high flowrate ingredients.

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